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FloraQueen's Magic - From Bud to Bouquet

  1. Flower field

    This is where it all begins.

    A lush field of blooms (in this case, tulips).

    If you have a vase that's a few acres wide, we're happy to send this field directly to you! If not, you'll have to get them the traditional way.

    It's on to the flower auction…

  2. Auction

    Although it looks like a university lecture, this is actually a flower auction.

    Since flowers are only as good as their freshness, the auction takes place on a VERY tight schedule.

    If you've submitted an order a few days in advance, your flowers could be at an auction like this right now.

  3. Transport

    Pods of flowers roll by like a mini-freight train.

    You might like to stop and check out the rainbow of colors as they pass, but these babies need to move quickly.

    It's ironic, but in the flower business, there's little time to “stop and smell the roses.”

  4. Processing orders

    This is where YOU come in.

    In general, as soon as FloraQueen gets your order, we reach out to confirm it with our team of florists in Holland.

    Rush or weekend orders, on the other hand, are immediately sent to the local florist, so that they can begin to prepare your lovely bouquet and send it out right away.

    In flower arranging, every detail matters, but often, there's no time to waste!

  1. Bouquet preparation

    Having received an order, the florists (in this case our Dutch team lead by Chris and Ingrid) begin to work their magic.

    Flower arrangement is a true art form: it takes raw materials that are beautiful all on their own, and brings them together in a way that highlights the best features of each.

    Have a look at the flowers in their hands, then compare them to the finished product in the next photo.

  2. Finished bouquets

    Amazing, right? How DO they do it?

    Look at those beauties!

  3. Professional delivery

    Ingrid helps load her boxes of arrangements onto the delivery truck.

    The boxes are tall so our lovely flowers can stand up straight and arrive to you in top condition.

    Limp and wilted just won't do.

  4. Happy recipient

    We don’t have a picture for this.

    You might think that the bouquet is our finished product, but you’d be wrong.

    The receivers SMILE is our final product, and that’s what every step of the process is designed to create!