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    What happens with your rush or weekend orders?

    Well, after the magic of the Internet brings your order to us, we immediately call our local florist partner. We want to make sure they have the right flowers in stock, can deliver the bouquet on time, and understand any special requests that were made.

    With flower arrangements, attention to detail means the difference between, “That’s nice” and “WOW!”

  2. Flower Arranging

    Once the details are confirmed, the florist gets to work by selecting the appropriate flowers for the bouquet.

    The flowers are then combined with greenery to create your chosen bouquet.

    This is where flowers are transformed into a beautiful arrangement. See the final result!

  3. Delivery

    Your order is not complete until the flowers are personally delivered by our local florist.

    The big moment is about to arrive, we’re about to make someone’s day!

  4. Happy Recipient

    We don’t have a picture for this.

    You might think that the bouquet is our finished product, but you’d be wrong.

    The receivers SMILE is our final product, and that’s what every step of the process is designed to create!