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Mothers' Day Flowers by Post

Mother's day is a special event here in FloraQueen. Just send one of our bouquets to the most special woman. FloraQueen is an expert for sending flowers in your city and also for international delivery. Mum will be happy no matter what you send her, but let's "WOW!" her with a stunning bouquet!

Make her feel exceptional on Mother´s Day

Mother's Day is a special day, it is the perfect occasion to remind your mother how important and special she is. There are a million reasons to be thankful for having her in your life: taking special care of you when you were sick, for always having a band-aid at hand every time you hurt your knee when you fell off your bike, for at times letting you bend the rules a little and stay out with your friends an extra hour, the outpouring of pride every time you passed an important exam or the fact that nothing is entirely lost until she can’t find it. She was always there for you when you needed her advice or simply a good word after a bad day.

Do you remember her cooking your favorite dish on your birthday or giving you that special gift, the one you had been secretly wishing for, for months? This Mother's Day return the favor! Make her feel truly special simply because she is and deserves the best. To celebrate it the best way possible send her flowers. Check our special Mother's Day catalogue, we have selected this season’s most beautiful flowers and the most exquisite arrangements: white lilies, red roses, colourful gerberas, you name it, we have it! Remember, you needn’t stop there, sweeten up her gift by adding a delicious box of chocolates: Dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, choose her favorite and make it extra special. Make sure to add a card with a heart warming message, it will be the cherry on top! We know your mom would be happy with just a kiss on a cheek and a heartfelt ‘thank you’, but why not go the extra mile and maker her know how proud you are to call her Mom. Celebrate her this Mother's day, she deserves it!