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Looking to send a hug wrapped in sweetness? Dive into our Sweet Embrace Basket! This collection isn't just a gift; it's a heartfelt gesture of love and warmth.

Teddy Bear (approx. 20 cm): Soft, cuddly, and oh-so-lovable, this teddy bear is a symbol of comfort and affection, ready to give a warm embrace.

Coconut Choc Macaroon (220g): A delightful blend of coconut and chocolate, these macaroons promise a bite of tropical paradise.

Carquinolis Chocolate Pearls (200g): Crunchy and chocolaty, these pearls are a treat that adds a touch of luxury to any moment.

Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar with Caramel and Salt: A harmonious blend of creamy milk chocolate, rich caramel, and a hint of salt. A treat for the senses!

Lindt Milk Chocolate (160g): Dive into the world of smooth and creamy chocolates, where every piece is a testament to Lindt's premium craftsmanship.

Lindt Square Box (150g): A treasure trove of assorted chocolates, perfect for those moments of indulgence.

Lindt Mini Pralinés (44g): A collection of fine chocolates that promise a burst of flavors, perfect for sharing or savoring alone.

Why should you give this gift? To send a sweet hug, to say 'I'm thinking of you', or to create a moment of shared joy and sweetness.

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Sweet Embrace

Chocolate Gift Basket


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  • Discover the magic! Your eco-friendly gourmet basket reveals treats or a lush plant, wrapped in tissue.
  • Elevate your gifting! Personalize each basket with a heartfelt note, making it memorable for your loved ones.
  • Experience the unboxing joy! Your gift basket, filled with gourmet treats or a plant, is a surprise ready for a special moment.

Our family in Germany was so happy to receive this gift. The gift arrived on time and was just as ordered. We received shipping updates and the customer service was great. We are happy to have found Floraqueen and will definitely be ordering again.
Julie Greco