5 Unmissable Fall Flowers and Plants For Autumn 2018

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Albert Camus once said that “fall is a second spring where every leaf is a flower” and we certainly agree. Fall flowers and plants are very different from their spring counterparts but this beautiful season still has much to offer a bouquet or flower arrangement, not least thanks to the beautifully expressive colours of autumn.

To get into the spirit of the season we’ve picked out five must-have flowers and plants for fall bouquets:

1. Amaryllis

Red and white amyrillis

These fabulous fall bloomers may look like lilies but they actually belong to the Amaryllidaceae family. These are perfect seasonal flowers for autumn and winter bouquets coming in beautiful deep shades of red to add some fall colour to an arrangement.

2. Anthurium

anthurium red

You may know anthurium as a pot plant only, however, don’t be surprised to see them feature in many autumn bouquets. Their spathes (which look like flowers but are in fact modified leaves) make an amazing addition to a fall bouquet thanks to their bright colours and their similarity in shape to autumn leaves.

3. Hydrangea


Hydrangea is another early fall blooming flower, with big expressive bunches of flowers. Its big and beautiful florets of ruffled blooms add extra volume and colour. One of hydrangea’s biggest strengths is the variety of fall colours it offers such as reds, greens and even light browns.

4. Goldenrod


Fall bouquets often have a touch of shabby chic about them and goldenrod is a great way to achieve this. Whether you use it as the main flower or as a filler flower in your arrangement it brings amazing body and, of course, its magnificent golden yellow colour to a bouquet.

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5. Chrysanthemums

Pink chrysanthemums

Mums are known for their longevity and this makes them brilliant late year bouquet fillers. Like hydrangea and goldenrod their bouffant appearance helps them add an extra touch of size and extravagance to the occasion.

A few other amazing fall flowers and plants:

Autumn is a time of change and a time of reinvention and the perfect time to try something different with flowers. The season offers lots of opportunities to celebrate colour and new beginnings and with these must-have flowers you can really express the best that fall has to offer.

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