Rose Colors and Meanings

Rose Colors and Meanings Have you ever wondered what the meanings behind various colors of roses are? This guide will clarify those meanings for you, as well as provide you with other interesting rose information. Roses are some of the most evocative and admired flowers. This is not surprising considering they have withstood the test […]

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How to Dry Flowers

Sometimes, people are unsure of what to do with the beautiful flowers they receive that are associated with significant memories. What should you do with the flowers you bought for Valentine’s Day after the holiday passes? What about a priceless bridal bouquet, or a beautiful “get-well” flower assortment you received? Whatever the flowers were for, […]

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EURO 2016

The Chelsea Flower Show

Today is the beginning of the most important flower event in the UK, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show! Flower lovers, celelbrities and even royals descend on The Royal Hospital, Chelsea in London to see the best flowers, plants and gardens in the world.

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Autumn in your garden

With the arrival of autumn, here come the beautiful walks in the parks, mushroom picking in the forests full of colorful trees, and streets carpeted with hundreds of crusty leaves breaking under our feet. Weather instability becomes more common, and while this can damage some plants, many others bloom in splendor with their flowers. The […]

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pedir perdón y flores

Here it comes! 6th July 2013 ♥ World Kiss Day ♥

6 Curious Facts about KISSes: ♥ First International Kissing Day took place on 6th July in the UK a few years ago and now the celebration has been adopted worldwide. ♥ On 12th February 2013, a Thai couple, husband and wife team Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat locked lips and began their quest to break the […]

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Mother’s day

Did you know that the first ever celebration to honour mother’s was held in ancient Egypt? They celebrated the goddess Isis, the ideal mother. The Greek and Roman empires also had similar festivities held in honor of Rhea and Cybele, respectively.

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Do you know which is the most romantic butterfly?

The most romantic butterfly is the Monarch Butterfly. The extraordinary thing about it is that shortly after they are born they fly almost 5.000 km. to find the right place to grow and find their perfect couple and It’s the most lasting butterfly of all.

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A Flowery Christmas

The florist is the Christmas specialist, offering flowers, foliage, trees and houseplants to celebrate this magical time of year and that’s why FloraQueen is here to help you choose your Christmas gift.

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