Customer Of The Month September: Orchid Delivery to Portugal

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An orchid delivery to somewhere far away is a beautiful way to share your love across the distance with your friends and family. It’s that beautiful gesture that our customer of the month for September, Reuben from Jersey, set out to create with an orchid gift for his parents wedding anniversary in Portugal.

He tells us more about his orchid delivery from Paris to Portugal in his own words:

Can you tell us about yourself in a few words?

My name is Reuben. I’m 31 years old and am from Jersey in the Channel Islands. I currently live in Paris, France and have been here for the past five years. In my spare time, I love to go out to restaurants and eat good food and drink good wine, something that’s very easy to do in Paris! I also enjoy playing tennis, watching films and meeting friends.

Why did you choose FloraQueen?

I chose FloraQueen because I found their website online and saw that I could use them to send flowers to Portugal.

Which bouquet did you choose for your last purchase? Why?

I wanted to send an orchid to my parents to celebrate their wedding anniversary. I found the Venus Kiss pink orchid on the website and it matched just what I was looking for and I knew that it would fit in nicely at my parents’ house.

What was the reaction of your recipient?

It was a great surprise for them. Their wedding anniversary fell on the Sunday, and we had spoken that day but I didn’t mention the orchid to them at all. They were delighted when the orchid arrived on Monday. My sister and I received a text message immediately to say how wonderful it was.

Do you usually send flowers to your loved ones?

I send flowers every now and then, depending on the occasion. It is a nice way to show someone that you are thinking about them.

Do you usually keep flowers at home?

I like to have flowers at home, but unfortunately my flat in Paris is quite small and does not have much room for flowers! When I move to a bigger place, I think flowers will be a regular feature.

Why do you think flowers are the best way to make someone smile?

I think flowers make people smile because they are beautiful! They’re bright, colourful, aromatic and they’re a way of bringing just a small piece of nature into your home.

What kind of flowers do you like to receive? What do they symbolise for you?

I have yet to receive flowers I don’t like but I love the variety of them and all their different forms and colours. The most striking type of flower I have seen, though, has to be the bird of paradise flower.

What is the one thing you would recommend about FloraQueen over everything else?

FloraQueen provides a fantastic service. I have yet to have any issues with them, and I know that when I place an order, it will get where it needs to go in good condition.

We’d like to offer our thanks to Reuben for sharing his story and positive experience with us. We’ll be back in October with a story from our next customer of the month. Who will it be and what will be the gift? You’ll have to wait and see.

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