Discover the 5 flowers all moms will love

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Mother’s Day is almost here! We’ll tell you more about the five types of flowers that any mom will love to receive on this very special day. Sending flowers is a perfect way to show your appreciation for all great moms who are always there for you when you need them.

A symbol of beauty, lilies are elegant flowers with an exhilarating fragrance. They’re a classic you won’t want to leave out of your bouquet for Mom. Choose them in light colours such as pink or white.

Roses are the queen of all flowers, and always the stars of any bouquet. This flower, a universal symbol of love, is a favourite among moms. In pink and white, but also in red, of course.

Gerberas exude cheer, a sense of celebration and festivity perfect for Mother’s Day. By combining different colours, such as red and pink, you can create a lively bouquet, perfect for a joyful young mother.

Alstroemerias perfectly complement the main flowers in a bouquet. They are fun, cheerful, and add a pop of colour that can either contrast or complement the bouquet.

With a shape similar to roses, these delicate and tender flowers symbolise maternal love like no other. Available in a range of colours from white to purple, peonies only bloom in May, and it’s a good thing: they arrive just in time every year for Mother’s Day bouquets!

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