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Autumn has well and truly started and today we also welcome the beginning of October. To celebrate both the season and the start of a new month, we’ve got the perfect bouquet of the month. Filled with fall flowers it’s perfect for celebrating everything that makes this time magical.

We’ve selected our Autumnal Splendour bouquet of lilies, roses and red oak as our October bouquet of the month. This particular arrangement really leapt out to us with it’s mix of fall colours such as beautiful bright orange and deep dark red shades, In many ways it encapsulates everything that makes autumn autumn. Let’s get to know it a little better.

autumnal splendour bouquet in front of logs

What this bouquet signifies:

Like autumn this bouquet signifies new beginnings and renewal. With beautiful red shades, and orange hues backed with greenery it represents all the stages of change, from start to completion.

What flowers are in this bouquet?

Orange roses:

Red lilies orange roses, closeup Autumnal splendour

Orange roses communicate unbridled passion and excitement like a brand new fire set alight in the heart of someone special. The orange Marie Claire roses in this bouquet will certainly set hearts racing with their blazing colour.

Red lilies:

autumnal splendour bouquet on chair

Lilies are well known as being one of the most refined and beautiful smelling flowers out there, making them a fine addition to any bouquet. Not only that, lilies are known for expressing purity and transience allowing more sombre and peaceful greetings but with the red lilies used in this case, this is balanced out by a touch of passionate colour.

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Red oak:

It wouldn’t be an autumn bouquet without some autumn flowers, or autumn leaves in this case. This expressive deep red oak gives the bouquet a sense of warmth and reflects the changing seasons and changing times.


Fall is a time of refreshment and to add a little fresh air to this arrangement we’ve added a touch of eucalyptus. This was once a holy tree for the Aboriginal people of Australia, with it literally dividing heaven and hell. With it’s well-known ability to help clear the air (and a blocked nose or two) it’s a great foliage to enjoy in October.

Why you should give someone this bouquet:

autumnal splendour bouquet on counter

This is an ideal bouquet for an autumn birthday or an October celebration without question. However, our Autumnal Splendour arrangement is an excellent bouquet to give to someone making a positive change in their life or for a person undergoing a transformative new start, such as a new baby.

autumnal splendour bouquet and black cat

What do you think of our bouquet for October and who do you think you would share it with? Let us know in the comments below!

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