Five Beautiful Types of Lilies

In the world of flowers, there are many beautiful varieties to choose from. Whether you’re setting up your garden, or sending flowers, the options seem limitless. However, you must admit that some flowers are more instantly recognizable than others.

Among the most recognizable flowers is where you can find lilies. They are traditionally known for their use as summer garden flowers. They are typically bright, and you can find a space for them in almost any garden. Whether the space has a classic design, modern design, or even a contemporary design, lilies can fit in well.

There are so many lilies that it’s hard to go over them all. Therefore, five of the top ones are covered in this article. You can expect to learn about:

  • Oriental Lilies
  • Trumpet Lilies
  • Orienpet Lilies
  • Canada Lilies
  • Longiflorium Lilies

Once you’re done, you can go and share your newfound knowledge with the world!

Oriental Lilies

There is no other type of lily that stands out in the area of smell than an Oriental lily. The flower produces an incredible perfume that stands out most in the evening.

Apart from their smell, they can also be identified by their leaves. Unlike other variations, they are known to have very broad leaves. These leaves are both deer and rabbit resistant, which is great news for those who plant them.

Note that this flower is a heavy producer of pollen. This means that you should pull the anthers off if it is to be used as a cut flower. If you don’t, you could be dealing with stained furniture. No one wants to have that happen.

You can find these lilies in shades of yellow, pink, purple, and red. It’s also possible to find them in white. Oriental lilies are known to grow up to five feet tall.

Trumpet Lilies

The next lily type to be reviewed is the Trumpet lily. You may know these flowers as Aurelian lilies. There is an amazing aura to these majestic flowers. They are trumpet-shaped, which is where the name comes from. Many buds are on each stem. There is something beautiful and imposing about them, which only gives them an allure.

If you want to keep Trumpet lilies in a garden or send them as a gift, they work perfectly. This is because they are both long-lasting and very fragrant. Having a plant with a good smell that sticks around is a win in any book.

You can find trumpet lilies is pink, cream, orange, yellow, or white. The color isn’t usually solid, as there is a star-shaped design with a color contrast. Some of these lilies can grow as tall as eight feet, which is astounding for such a plant.

Orienpet Lilies

You probably read this name and wondered if “Orienpet” is even a real word. It may not have been before these lilies were discovered, but it is now.

It was important to review Oriental and Trumpet lilies before reviewing this variation. This is so because Orienpet lilies are the result of crossing Trumpet lilies with Oriental hybrids. You can see the influence of both flowers on the appearance of this one.

All the blooms start in a trumpet shape and end in a broad bloom. Of course, they are heavily scented thanks to the influence of the parent flowers.

You can find these lilies in white, red, orange, yellow, and pink. They don’t grow as high as some others, since three feet is their limit. There are many selections of these types of lilies that are awe-inspiring. Note that these are excellent for use as cut flowers.

Canada Lilies

The name of this lily probably gave away the fact that this flower is native to North America. The plants have a petal arrangement that is recurved at the end.

Each stem can produce anywhere between three and eight leaves. These leaves are spaced at regular intervals along the stem. A stalk produces anywhere between five and 20 nodding blooms.

While these lilies are popular in some gardens, animals such as deer and rabbits seem to like them a lot. This means that you need to decide how you plan to deal with the animals before you plant away.

The sunlight requirement for these lilies is less than that of others, which makes them shade tolerant. This means that moist meadows and woodland gardens are great places to place them. Canada lilies are known to grow anywhere between two and four feet tall.

Longiflorium Lilies

The final lilies on the list are Longiflorium lilies. You can’t always find these around because they are almost always sold during holidays. There are several variations of this flower, but they all have that classic Easter lily look.

The flowers have a trumpet shape at the base, and they tend to face outward. As these flowers are regularly used for Easter, they must be forced to bloom. Easter falls out of their natural season, so they must be placed into certain conditions to induce the process. Note that the process takes a great deal of energy out of the bulb.

These lilies are very durable, as they can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Longiflorium lilies only grow to be one to three feet tall. You can initiate the growth process by planting these indoors, after which you can place them in your garden.


Lilies come in numerous varieties and are known for their immense popularity. While it wasn’t possible to cover them all, five of these varieties were reviewed.

Oriental lilies are the most fragrant of all the variations. They have broad leaves that happen to be deer and rabbit resistant.

Trumpet lilies have a trumpet shape as you’d expect. They are majestic, fragrant, and long-lasting.

Orienpet lilies come from a cross between Oriental hybrids and Trumpet lilies. Their appearance borrows features from both parent flowers.

Canada lilies are native to North America. They are shade-tolerant, so they can accommodate some very specific conditions.

Longiflorium lilies are usually sold during holidays. They are forced to bloom out of season for Easter and can endure temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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