2017 in Flowers: A Flower For Each Month

2017 spelt in daisies

So we’re finally at the end of a very long year. 2017 for some was the best year yet. However, for others it was a difficult year punctuated with tragedy. Here at FloraQueen we had a busy time delivering flowers all over the world to bring happy smiles to people and looking back we realised that every month had its own unique feel, which is why we’ve chosen a flower for each month to capture some of the feel of the events this year.

As you can see in our video review of 2017 there were lots of happy smiles being delivered around the world but what else was going on in the meantime? Let’s now cast our eye back over the last 12 months.

January – Orange Daffodils

Orange daffodil in field

Normally a spring flower, we chose daffodils as they are the birth flower of the month and they come in bright orange and yellow colours, like the hair of a certain president who entered office in this month.

February – Red Rose

Red roses

Red roses are the flower of love and perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s estimated that around 250 million roses were produced to satisfy demand for the holiday.

March – Pink Lilies

Pink lilies in a field

Lilies may be the birth flower of May but they’re a fantastic flower for March too. Why? Because of Mother‘s Day of course! They’re also a bright and lively flower that fitted perfectly with the many carnivals taking place around Europe and South America during the month as well as with the Holi Colour Festival in India.

April – White Daisies

White daisies

White daisies have a strong association with April as spring sets in. They are a versatile and hardy flower which pop up in even quite unfavourable conditions. They may have had a more challenging job on their hands however in the case of Afghanistan in April 2017 after the so called “Mother of All Bombs” or “MOAB” was dropped on the country, with the help of a so-called “daisy cutter” fuse.

May – Red Tulips

Red Tulips

Tulips are another wonderful spring flower, bringing with them warmer weather and sunnier days. They were also once the subject of a large financial speculative bubble in Holland in the 1600s. For this reason they are the perfect flower to represent May 2017 as this was the month when one of the biggest ransomware attacks in recorded history hit computers of major companies and government offices in 150 countries wiping out millions of dollars in lost business.

June – Purple Alstroemeria

Purple Alstroemerias

With the arrival of summer we have a colourful flower that suggests friendship and positive relationships. It was also the perfect flower to mark some surprisingly good news for a change with the selection of Leo Varadkar as the first openly gay Taoiseach (Prime Minister) in Irish History.

July – Orange Gerberas

Orange Gerberas

A sunny flower that is perfect to remind us of the very hot summer we experienced this year. It is also the colour of gold, which Rodger Federer and Venus Williams will have seen a lot of as he won a record breaking 8th Wimbledon Men’s title and she won her 5th Wimbledon Lady’s title.

August – Sunflowers

Sunflower field

We couldn’t mark August without mentioning the perfect summer flower: the sunflower.  This August of course was the month when Heatwave Lucifer came to visit bringing with it heat of up to 40C to mainland Europe.

September – White Orchids

White orchid buds

We’ve chosen a white orchid for the month of September as the summer sun gave way to cloudier weather. This was the month that unfortunately saw a host of powerful hurricanes hit the US and Caribbean bringing widespread devastation.

October – Pink Gerberas

Pink gerberas

We have commemorated October with pink gerberas as this was the month that New Zealand welcomed the world’s youngest female head of Government when Jacinda Ardern took office the office of Prime Minister this year. She is the third female leader of the country and the second youngest in its history.

November – Orange Lilies

orange lilies

Orange lilies, an ideal flower for Autumn, were our pick for a packed November. With International Men’s Day, Thanksgiving and Black Friday there was a lot going on. However, an orange lily was the perfect flower to commemorate the discovery of a new species of Orangutan in Indonesia this month.

December – Red Chrysanthemums

red Chrysanthemums

Red chrysanthemums symbolise hope and with their lovely bright colour have a certain Christmassy feel about them. In short they are the perfect flower to round off the year and to begin a more hopeful 2018.

Let’s be honest 2017 was a bit of a let down wasn’t it. Sure, we had lovely flowers all year but they were rather tinged with the negativity of events in the world. Let’s hope that 2018 is a bit more positive.

At FloraQueen we love helping our customers send flowers and smiles all around the world. We deliver to 100 countries around the globe, offering same and next day flower deliveries prepared by expert florists. No matter whether you’re celebrating or just want to send a kind surprise to someone you love.

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