Flower Parade: The Five Colours of Spring 2015

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Life is beginning to bloom once again, the sun illuminates the sky and brightens our mood and we are being reinvigorated. Nature is gradually awakening from its long winter sleep and the sunshine provides the light needed to make trees and flowers grow. The most beautiful season of the year is back at last: spring begins on 20 March and lasts till 21 June.

If you’re fed up of your winter wardrobe, it’s time to make the switch! White and grey are fading into the background, slowly giving way to the multiplicity of spring colours. In the broad colour palette, what are the main colours for spring-summer 2015? Let’s take a took at the season’s new trends:


bleu1 - copia

An ethereal blue with a dreamy feel, evoking thoughts of soothing, tropical waters. This is the colour of women’s fashion in the spring-summer 2015 collection. Aquamarine seamlessly blends in with other blues and greens..






Designated colour of the year 2015, marsala is a reddish-brown hue, halfway between both colours. It works really well with grey, gold, orange and khaki.






A deep, rich and intense blue. A colour that inspires calm and confidence and stimulates introspection.






A lemon yellow, perfect for combining with blue. Sweet and sunny, it is a cheering tone that invites relaxation.






An energising colour, full of vitality that invites a smile.





What’s your favourite colour? And which flower best represents it?

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