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shutterstock 681763810 FloraQueen EN Flowers Delivered Today

When using an international florist for flower deliveries, you might not want to have to wait for days before the flowers are sent to your location or that of your recipient. When this is the case, you can opt for same-day deliveries on FloraQueen for flowers delivered today.

shutterstock 681763810 FloraQueen EN Flowers Delivered Today
shutterstock 681763810 FloraQueen EN Flowers Delivered Today

There is a wide range of flowers on FloraQueen that can be delivered the same day you place an order for them.

How do you go about all this? Stay glued to your screen to learn:

  • Why you send flowers that can be delivered today
  • Type of flowers that can be delivered today
  • How to get your flowers delivered today with FloraQueen
  • Things to note when ordering flowers that can be delivered today… and so much more.

Ready to get started? Keep reading this article to be enlightened with the information you’d need.

Why Should You Send Flowers That Can Be Delivered Today?

In life, time can be a little tricky on us so that we tend not to remember that it’s our loved one’s special day. For example, you can be so engrossed in work, school, or other exertions to the extent of forgetting that your lover’s birthday is at hand. What do you do at this desperate moment? You opt for flowers that can be quickly pieced together, without compromising quality and delivered in a short period of time. You can’t afford to miss the chance to say, “Happy Birthday,” “Happy New Year,” or “Happy Marriage.” Pick a bouquet of flowers today on FloraQueen’s website and send it to brighten your loved one’s day. In life, especially during special occasions, there should no room for dull moments.

Types of Flowers That Can Be Delivered Today

When you use FloraQueen’s services, you can be rest assured that there are numerous flowers that can be delivered same-day. To get the best of our same-day delivery service, we recommend that you use FloraQueen’s search options. You can find the search option right on the homepage: the search options include destination city or country, delivery date, occasion type, and type of flower.

For a better understanding of how to use the aforementioned search options, follow this guide:

  • Select the country or city you want the flowers to be delivered today
  • Pick the date you want the flowers delivered from the provided calendar; the dates colored orange and termed special delivery are the ones you can pick for same-day quick deliveries
  • Pick one from the birthday, wedding, funeral, anniversary, and new baby occasion types
  • Select the type of flowers you want for the occasion; there are chrysanthemums, roses, lilies, Callas, amaryllis, gerberas, tulips, and a lot more.

When you pick these options, the best flowers that can be delivered the same day are displayed on your screen to choose from.

How Can You Get your Flowers Delivered Today?

Whether you’re sending flowers to that special someone in Europe, Oceania, Asia, South America, or North America, FloraQueen can help you make deliveries there quickly. How is this done? FloraQueen contacts a network of partner-florists in your selected city or country and directs one of them to make arrangements for your flowers and get them delivered through a delivery man quickly and on time. No matter where your recipient’s city or country is, FloraQueen’s partner-florists can be contacted to quickly piece together your preferred bouquet of flowers and get them delivered to your recipient or to the event you want quickly.

How to Get the Best Today Flower Delivery

In order for FloraQueen to be able to serve you better and deliver your flowers quickly, there are things you must do to make your same-day deliveries problem-free:

  1. Place your order on time: making sure that your orders are delivered on time and at the right place is a priority at FloraQueen. In order for FloraQueen to attain this, place your order before 12:00 PM on weekdays and before 09:00 AM on Saturdays so that the flowers can be delivered the same day. Note that the time zone of your recipient’s country must be used to get the time rightly.
  2. Check to see if same-day deliveries can be made on Sundays: depending on your destination country or city, same-day deliveries might not be available on Sundays. Ensure that you check the calendar well and see if Sunday is dotted orange to ascertain if the flowers can be delivered.
  3. Use the special request box: while this is not compulsory, it’s essential to help FloraQueen deliver your flowers the same day. You can find the special request box when placing your order; use it to give additional information on how, when, and where you want your flowers delivered, especially if the flowers you’re sending are for a wedding.
  4. Toggle on the funeral flowers option: if you want your flowers to be delivered to a funeral in a short period of time, toggle on the option for funerals. With that, FloraQueen’s florists can make quick arrangements for your flowers with funeral-fit decorations.

Where Can You Deliver Flowers Today?

Other than ceremonial events like weddings, birthdays, etc., you can use FloraQueen to quickly deliver flowers to:

  1. A hospital to wish a friend or family who is down with one ailment or the other a quick recovery, encouraging them to pull through
  2. Your partner’s or lover’s workplace to show them just how much you care about them and let the love the flowers carry lead the way
  3. To a funeral to express your heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased and to bid the deceased farewell.


You can get flowers delivered today with FloraQueen’s same-day delivery option. Don’t miss the chance to make your loved one’s special day memorable with a bouquet of flowers and gifts. With a wide range of flowers to choose from, FloraQueen is the go-to international online florist to help you deliver your flowers in less than 24 hours. With a network of florists and couriers in select-locations in several cities and countries across the world, you can never be disappointed with FloraQueen’s services. The clock ticks every second, so waste no second more and place an order right away!

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