Flowers of the World: Ireland

Gerbera Flowers

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Do you desire to send flowers to Cork or another area within Ireland? If so, let us take a quick look at a handful of recognized species that you can obtain through FloraQueen.

The Gerbera

The Gerbera is a stunning ornamental plant that is known for its two-lipped florets that exhibit striking shades of white, yellow-orange or pink. As the flowerhead can come in various sizes between even and twelve centimeters, is another ideal choice to add a bespoke sense of flair within any floral arrangement. The Gerbera is another addition offered through FloraQueen.

The White Lily

Known for its distinctive shape and brilliantly white color, the white lily is another popular variety that is present within many gift baskets and arrangements. Ideal for weddings, births and indeed any other time which requires a rather unique flavor, the lily is a perfect choice. Another benefit of the white lily is that it can be kept in a separate pot long after the other flowers may have faded; offering elegance and shapely beauty within any home for years to come.

The Red Rose

This iconic flower is known throughout the entire world for its symmetry, sweet smell, and somewhat seductive nature. In particular, the red rose is native to the southern parts of the country and grows in the wild while also cultured professionally. If you wish to send flowers to Cork or any other part of Ireland, the red rose is an ideal choice. This flower is perfect if you wish to surprise that special someone in your life.

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The Carnation

The carnation is a stunning pink flower that is punctuated by delicate petals and asymmetrical appearance. Also offering an alluring smell, this is a wonderful variety within any bespoke bouquet. Seen as a perfect arrangement for “get well” presents or to celebrate the birth of a child, many will opt for this species to add a bit of flair to an existing arrangement due to the fact that multiple colors and hues are available.

If you are seeking to send flowers to Ireland, this can be easily done through the streamlined services offered at FloraQueen. It has indeed never been easier to find stunning gifts for friends or loved ones.

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