Flowers of the World: South Africa

Golden Gate National Park, Free State, South Africa

South Africa is home to eight biomes, each containing their own animal and plant life. South Africa is unique in that it completely surrounds a plant kingdom, the Cape Floral Kingdom, which is home to the country’s national flower, the King Protea, in addition to over 20% of the country’s floral species.

Golden Gate National Park, Free State, South Africa

Golden Gate National Park, Free State, South Africa


Fynbos, or fine bush, covers most of the south-western portion of the country and is home to a wide number of heathers (Ericas) and proteas. The ericas are some of the most plentiful flowering plants in South Africa and bloom in a wide variety of colours and shapes, and no matter what time of the year you visit, some flowers will be in bloom. The ericas and proteas share their space with over 470 types of wild orchids, including the Disa Orchid that grows in the mountainous Cape region.

Disa Orchid, South Africa

Disa Orchid, South Africa

Not all plants in the Fynbos region are as exotic as the proteas. Pelargoniums, which have graced gardens all over the world can be found in this region, as can Arum Lilies, which grow wild along the roadside.

If you want to send flowers to Cape Town, or indeed, send flowers to South Africa using the FloraQueen service, consider sending flowers that capture the spirit of the country, like the national flower, or perhaps and orchid.

Medicinal plants

South Africa has a strong cultural heritage of using plenty of medicinal plants, as no corner of the country is without plants that are useful or beneficial in some way. From the well-known Aloe Ferox known to be useful for plenty of conditions and was used by early European settlers as a purgative. Rooibos is another indigenous plant that has found use all over the world. Tea made from the leaves of this bush is rich in anti-oxidants and delicious to boot.

The rest of the country

Flowers South Africa

While the rest of the country may not have the spectacular floral displays of the Cape, there are still plenty of amazing plants to be found. The semi-desert regions of the country are filled with succulent plants that have very short-lived, but spectacular, flowering displays. The east coast has the surprisingly dense afromontane forests made up of stinkwoods and ironwoods, while the north consists of typical savannah grasslands that conjure up images of wildest Africa.


South Africa is home to plenty of striking and indigenous flowers. When you send flowers to Cape Town or send flowers to South Africa in general, send flowers that capture the spirit of the country.

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