Purple flower meaning blog

Express Yourself With The Most Meaningful Purple Flowers

Passionate purple flowers are one of nature’s more precious treats. With the historical significance of purple as a symbol of prestige and royalty they bring something extra special to a surprise bouquet, in addition to their deep rich colour. However, what’s so special about them and why? There’s a rich tapestry of meaning associated with […]

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Carnations 7 reasons title card

7 Reasons Why Carnations Are The Perfect Choice For Your Bouquet

Carnations are one of the best known flowers worldwide. Almost everyone knows what a carnation is but not everyone knows the amazing properties that make this flower a hit across the globe. We believe the hype behind these famous flowers however, which is why we’ve found 7 reasons why carnations are the perfect choice for […]

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What Chrysanthemums Mean And When They Make The Best Gifts

Classic chrysanthemums. They are a popular flower for bouquets all over the world and are a an ideal bloom to add big smiles to a special day. Of course, what you say with Chrysanthemums can vary greatly depending on when and what types you deliver. To try and demystify this ‘beautiful dialect’ of the language […]

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virgo flowers banner title

How To Give The Best Flowers For The Virgo Star Sign

Virgo the sign of the virgin, is well known for its perfectionism. Getting the right gift to celebrate one of the many thoughtful and kind Virgos in your life can seem tricky, as the perfect surprise can be hard to find. However, made things a little simpler to manage as we look at the best […]

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chrysanthemum and carnation title

This Summer’s Most Amazing Chrysanthemum and Carnation Bouquets

Summer is a great time to make the most of flowers. While sunflowers are truly the stars of summer, there are many other fantastic varieties that will add extra colour and joy to the season. We’re going to dedicate a bit of time this week to the amazing chrysanthemum and carnation bouquets on offer that […]

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best edible flowers blog title

The Best Edible Flowers For Sensational Summer Recipes

Summer is the best time to enjoy flowers in all their forms and that includes flowers as food! Edible flowers are plentiful in nature but are often overlooked by cooks in kitchens around the world.However, since the beginning of civilisation edible flowers have played a part in creating some of the tastiest dishes around. Today […]

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Leo flowers title card

How To Give The Perfect Astrological Flowers For Leo

The astrological sign of Leo is one of the most summery of star signs around and that is certainly reflected in its characteristics and the flowers that represent those who were born under its influence. We’re going to show you today how to select the perfect flowers for Leo and to make sure that no […]

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Orchid colours title card

Everything You Need to Know About Orchid Colours

Orchids produce some of the most refined flowers in the world and with so many different coloured varieties you might sometimes feel spoiled for choice. Today we’re going to simplify things by taking a look at the full spectrum of orchid colours to explore and explain just what it means when you send these magnificent […]

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Jasmine flowers title card

The Many Uses And Meanings of Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine flowers embody a perfect balance of beauty and fragrance making them a favourite throughout the world. However, this only scratches the surface of potential uses and meanings of jasmine flowers. Today we’re going to look at just how versatile the small but amazing jasmine flower can be. What do Jasmine Flowers Symbolise? Purity and […]

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