Christmas table with flowers

Decorate Your Dinner Table with Christmas Flowers

Everyone has their own way of adding some flair to the dinner table. Some people do the talking with the turkey and trimmings, whilst others dazzle their guests with stunning decorations and presentation. Of course, Christmas is a time when many bring nature into their home with a traditional Christmas tree and perhaps the odd […]

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Hands making wreath of pine and holly

How to make a DIY Christmas Wreath

We all love a warm welcome at Christmas and one of the best ways to offer that to your December guests is with a traditional Christmas wreath. Thousands of beautiful natural wreaths are sold across Europe and the USA during the Holiday Season, incorporating winter foliage, colourful berries and decorative adornments. What you may not […]

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10 amazing bouquets for xmas 2018 title card

10 Amazing Christmas Bouquet Ideas For Xmas 2018

As Christmas 2018 gets closer everything starts getting a lot more festive. A Christmas bouquet is no exception and like at any time of the year an arrangement for flowers has its own distinct feel. This is especially true when it comes to the changing seasons and winter festivals. Incorporating elements like pine, holly and […]

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Poinsettia with Christmas lights

Poinsettia: The Christmas Flower

For some reason, Christmas isn’t always imagined as a time for flowers. Due to the December cold, many flowers don’t bloom outside and we tend to put more focus on winter foliage like pine, mistletoe and holly. However, there’s one big exception when it comes to Christmas flowers in the shape of the humble poinsettia. […]

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Vibrant Christmas wicker basket with candy cane champagne and presents

What to Put in Your Homemade Christmas Basket

Christmas time is coming, and if you haven’t already started, you’re going to want to begin planning your Christmas shopping. We recently wrote on our blog about how to make and arrange your own gift basket, but today we’re going to focus on things that you can make to put into your own homemade Christmas […]

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Christmas tree with Flowers

How to Decorate your Christmas Tree with Flowers

Christmas time is coming and while most people draw the line at bringing a live tree into the house, we have a few tips for adding even more nature to your Christmas decor. Over the last couple of years more and more people have been sharing their bold and beautiful floral Christmas tree ideas and […]

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10 Fun Christmas Facts

Christmas is no doubt one of the most popular holidays around the world, a celebration rich in history and tradition that has been recognized for centuries. Each country has their own variation of the christmas story and how the holiday is celebrated. Whether he be called Papa Noel, St. Nicholas or Santa Claus there is usually […]

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Christmas Decorations

Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas

Another year is coming to an end and that means that another Christmas is almost here. One of the world’s most celebrated and popular holidays Christmas is rich in tradition! One of those traditions loved by all is that of decorating your home for this festive holiday, it is no surprise that home decoration has become […]

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Christmas Decoration

How to Make a Christmas Centrepiece in 8 Easy Steps

Christmas is a great excuse to unleash your creative streak and really put your own stamp on the day. Decorations in all shapes and sizes are everywhere but there is one decoration you can’t be without and that is the centrepiece. A Christmas table without a centrepiece is like a home without a Christmas tree. […]

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