Single rose with I love you message

The Most Romantic Messages That Will Impress on Valentine’s Day

There is nothing more likely to set your true love’s heart aflame than a sweet romantic message to accompany your bouquet on Valentine’s Day. Flowers are the perfect way to say so many things without words, however by adding a thoughtful message to your delivery card or note, you’re sure to dazzle your recipient in […]

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Her surprising him with romantic gift

7 Super Easy Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts for Him

To be honest, it can be difficult to choose the right Valentine’s gift for him at the best of times. It’s even more complicated if you’ve left your surprise to the last minute and need ideas fast to avoid disappointing him on February 14th. Luckily, we’ve found 7 really easy last-minute solutions that you can […]

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FloraQueen Valentine's 2018 collection

Our Heart Melting Floral Playlist for Valentine’s Day

Nothing beats a love song when you’re feeling romantic and of course it’s impossible to imagine Valentine’s Day without flowers. So, to get in the spirit just in time for the day of lovers next week, we’ve crafted our own floral playlist for Valentine’s Day with our Valentine’s collection for 2018. We’ve carefully designed our […]

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happy couple valentines card and heart balloons

6 Ideas for The Most Awesome DIY Valentine’s Cards

It almost wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without carefully chosen Valentine’s Cards. It’s estimated almost 1 billion cards are exchanged by couples globally each year and there can be no doubt that it’s an essential part of a romantic surprise on the day of lovers. However, whilst many cards are bought in shops there’s a way […]

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Love heart and white ear pod headphones

8 of the Most Emotional Romantic Songs for Valentine’s Day

You might agree that «If music be the food of love play on» as a famous British play write once wrote. There’s no shortage of romantic songs For Valentine’s Day, with decades worth of soulful love ballads, folk songs and classic tunes that couples love. Today we’re going to narrow the list with eight truly […]

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Selection of mixed flowers on a black background

The Best Alternatives to Valentine’s Day Roses

We all know that roses and Valentine’s Day are the perfect partners but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great alternatives to Valentine’s Day roses out there. It may seem unthinkable at this time of year when roses seem almost obligatory to even consider any other types of flowers. However, as we’re going to see today, […]

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Happy woman receiving flower delivery

Everything You Need To Know About Ordering Valentine’s Flowers

There’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day is a busy time for florists. With millions of customers ordering Valentine’s Flowers each February, demand for quality blooms is higher than at any other time of the year. Of course with this in mind, there are a few extra considerations to take into account when it comes to […]

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Man with surprise gift for girlfriend

Spectacular Ways to Surprise your Partner on Valentine’s Day

It goes without saying that Valentine’s Day flowers are a popular and (we certainly like to think) successful way to surprise your partner on February 14th. Whilst a bouquet delivery is a grand gesture on its own, there are plenty of other ways to catch your lover off guard with an original surprise that they […]

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Ud FloraQueen The True Story Behind Valentine's Day

The True Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a month away. February 14th is known as one of the most important days for couples around the world with lovers exchanging gifts and nearly 200 million roses sold. However, the day has a rich and rather strange history, going through many different forms and spanning a period of almost 2,000 […]

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If your plan for this Valentine’s Day is to stay at home with your partner, both of you cuddling under the blanket on the sofa, you need to read this article! In it you will discover some little-known romantic films so you two can enjoy the thrill of a new love story on Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing […]

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Banner frases San Valentín FloraQueen 20 LOVE QUOTES FOR YOUR VALENTINE’S DAY CARD


Are you planning Valentine’s Day? You can take your partner to a romantic place, prepare him or her a surprise that he or she do not expect or a perfect date. But there is something, a small detail, that cannot be missing so that your Valentine’ Day gift is truly special. Can you guess what it may be? A love […]

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The worst Valentine’s Day gifts FloraQueen The worst Valentine’s Day gifts

The worst Valentine’s Day gifts

What is the worst Valentine’s Day gift you have ever received? Whatever it was, we bet you can find it on this list! Because great gifts, come along with some horrible ones as well. On the most romantic day of the year, everybody wants to get the right present but, oftentimes, saying it is easier than doing […]

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How to survive Valentines Day if you are single FloraQueen How to survive Valentine's Day if you are single

How to survive Valentine’s Day if you are single

Are you definitely be single on Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Every year, approximately 60 million people around the world do not have a partner on Valentine’s Day. As you can see, there are many people who cannot enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day with a partner. In fact, there are a lot […]

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valentine's day

Curious facts about Valentine’s Day. With an infographic!

Did you know that more than half of the women would end a relationship if they don’t receive a present on Valentine’s Day? This is documented on the Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey carried out by Retail Advertising and Marketing Association and published by Statistics Brain. According to the data collected, the average […]

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plane 1043635 960 720 FloraQueen 6 places to go for Valentine's Day

6 places to go for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the time of year where couples from all over the world get together and celebrate their love. Like any festival, every country has it’s own traditions and ways of celebrating. Despite this, one common theme for this festival is the sending of flowers. This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, so […]

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i love you 673301 960 720 FloraQueen 5 Valentine’s Day gifts for him

5 Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Still stuck for ideas for what to get your partner this Valentine’s Day? We’ve already offered the guys some help with the best gifts for her, but now it’s your turn and we’ll help you out with some suggestions for gifts for all kinds of men. He may not be counting down the days, but […]

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Osito amoroso FloraQueen 5 best Valentine’s Day gifts for her

5 best Valentine’s Day gifts for her

Valentine’s Day is marked on the calendar of every couple. However, let’s not kid ourselves; women tend to place more importance on these celebrations. They expect a pretty gift, to spend the entire day in the company of their partner, and to receive all types of romantic gestures. If you don’t know how to make […]

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Pareja 300x200 FloraQueen How to get it right this Valentine's Day

How to get it right this Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day of love, affection, and passion. An important date for every couple’s calendar, and the perfect moment to show your feelings in a romantic way; with a gesture in the form of a gift, dinner, or getaway. This Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, which is fantastic as you’ll be able […]

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info FloraQueen Show your Valentine you care, even from far away

Show your Valentine you care, even from far away

Maybe you can’t share the 14th of February with your other half, but you can still show your love. Check out the below infographic to see the world in terms of flowers… (and other interesting trivia!) Read moreJust who is this Valentine actually?

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Japan: Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day in the World

Every corner of the globe has a particular soft spot for true feelings, that is, love. Valentine’s Day, on 14 February, is celebrated differently in every country, both near and far afield. Read moreJust who is this Valentine actually?Every culture no doubt has their own unique way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, but every single one […]

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Hearts and flowers

The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the quintessential day for lovers. It is a day when couples celebrate their love and life together and remember the special moments they have shared.

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FQ2301 1 FloraQueen How to Send Flowers for Valentine’s Day

How to Send Flowers for Valentine’s Day

This is an occasion when you really can’t attach an ‘I Love You’ to a reduced bunch of flowers from the local petrol station. Nor is it the time to quickly send a last minute token gesture; this has Valentine’s Fail written all over it and let’s face it – hardly romantic is it? Here’s […]

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What Colour Roses To Send On Valentine’s Day

The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day is steeped in legend. The most familiar story is about the priest, St. Valentine, who was martyred in the third century for marrying young couples against the emperor’s decree. While stories have changed over the years, the primary colours for flowers have remained the same. Read moreJust who is this Valentine […]

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FQ138v FloraQueen What Sort of Flowers Do I Send On Valentine’s Day?

What Sort of Flowers Do I Send On Valentine’s Day?

If you really want to impress someone this Valentine’s Day the best way to do this is with flowers. Flowers can speak volumes about how you feel for someone so getting it right is an absolute must.  You can wrap up a lot of sentiment in a bouquet but how you do it is the […]

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