How To Send Flowers to a Funeral

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Flowers, regardless of color and type, are a great way to express joy, sympathy, but also condolences to someone who has experienced a loss. If you are the one who has experienced the loss, it can be hard to understand why bad things happen to good people, or why do people have to die. Where can you get comfort in all this grief? Flowers can provide warmth, support, and hope. If you are looking to send flowers to a funeral but are not sure what kind to send, or the general etiquette of sending flowers to a funeral, we break it down so that you don’t have to worry the next time you send flowers to show sympathy and compassion.

In this post, we are going to explain about:

* Choosing a flower

* Writing a card

* Sending flowers for a funeral

Choosing a Flower>

Whether you have been invited to a funeral service, or you have become aware of someone’s passing, flowers are a great choice of gift to give the person experiencing a loss. Though one would think it is pretty straightforward to send flowers, there are a few things to consider when choosing a flower to send.

Not only is it essential to consider the type of flower to give, but the other thing is the recipients’ belief and religion. For Catholics, Christians, and Protestants, many flowers and colors are accepted; however, those who are of Hindu religion and Islamic faith prefer garlands and Islamic themed flowers. If you are unsure of what kind of flower to send to a funeral, consider visiting a local floral shop, and the florist can assist you with your requirements.

Still, need some examples of flowers to pick for a funeral service?

Here are some examples of flowers that you can get at any local floral shop:

* roses  there are many colors of the roses to choose from; however, red, and white roses are common funeral flowers to pick from.

* these are a common floral choice for those preparing and arranging a funeral service. If you are unsure of what kind of flower to send for a funeral, you can’t go wrong with lilies.

* Carnations  long-lasting and fragrant, the carnation is similar to the rose in that there are many different colors to pick from. Red, white, and pink are recommended floral colors to give if you are picking carnations for a floral bouquet to send.

Writing a Card

Sending a floral bouquet is one thing; you can do more by adding a card with the flowers. Writing a card to show sympathy, compassion, and support can be difficult to do  no one ever wants to feel as though they have said the wrong thing to a person suffering.

Here are some examples of messages you can write in a sympathy card to accompany the flowers to a funeral:

* We are sorry for your loss during this difficult time.

* If there is anything you need, or we can do, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

* There are no words to express the pain and hurt you are feeling, but we are here for you.

* You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

* Please accept our condolences during this difficult time.

Sending Flowers for a Funeral 

Once you have selected flowers and a card to accompany the bouquet, there are a few ways you can send the flowers.

* Courier  Whether you ordered the flowers online or at a floral shop, you can have them delivered to the funeral home or the home of the family. Make sure you have the address information of the funeral home or the recipient when you place your order with the floral shop you can indicate that the flowers are for a funeral and they are going to make sure that it arrives on the expected date. This is an ideal option if you are unable to attend the actual ceremony or if you are out of town.

* Yourself If you have been invited to the funeral service or the wake, you can personally bring the flowers yourself. This can sometimes mean a lot to the family who you can then console in person. Sometimes it can be hard and awkward to know what to do when you see the person, but once they see you, they are going to know what to do. Breathe and relax; you showing up is all the support they need.

Other things to consider when sending flowers for a funeral are whether or not you are sending them as part of the decor for the ceremony or the family to take home. This is going to determine what kind of flowers you are going to buy but also how the florists are going to arrange them. Not only does it help the florist determine how to arrange the flowers, but it is going to help them decide if the flowers should go in a vase or just be wrapped up.

On top of determining how the flowers are going to be delivered or given, sometimes people like to add money in the cards, or if they are going to the wake of the after-service, sometimes guests would bring the flowers and food. Food is a very common thing to accompany flowers for a funeral, as the loss of someone can sometimes result in the recipient forgetting about their own personal self-care.

It may seem as though there is so much that goes into sending flowers for a funeral; however, remember that what is going to matter the most is the gesture you made by giving them support, showing them compassion, and helping them move on. Whatever flowers you pick, no matter what you say in the card, and whether you are close to the person or not Ð sending flowers during a funeral can be the kindest gesture you can do at a very difficult time for the person. Death and loss they are never easy, but when you have others around you to be your support, even the most darkest times can be a bit more tolerable.

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