How to Repot a Plant

The term “repotting” is a misnomer. Repotting does not necessarily mean changing the pot or planter it is in, but rather, changing the soil or potting mix. There is actually very little soil in a pot. Over time, the plant takes all the nutrients from the soil. Fresh soil or potting mix means a fresh […]

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how to care for plants in winter

Our Expert Tips For Caring For Houseplants in Winter

January is almost here and some of the coldest weather of winter is about to arrive. Just like us, houseplants react to the changes in conditions. However, many plant-related ailments at this time of year are often not the result of Jack Frost but of us trying to get warm. Many people think caring for houseplants […]

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repot plants title card

How To Repot A Plant In 5 Simple Steps

One of the beautiful things about indoor plants is that they are alive and always changing. Sometimes that means that, like us, they outgrow their surroundings and need a bit more living space. When it comes time to repot a plant and give it a little more room to spread its roots, it’s important to […]

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Care for poinsettia title

Poinsettia Care – How to Care For A Poinsettia

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Twinkling white lights line the streets and homes and shops put up their decorations and Christmas trees. Perhaps there’s even a poinsettia among your holiday decor this year. The poinsettia is a classic plant for Christmas around the world and one that can last much longer than […]

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Orchid bloom title

How To Make Your Orchids Rebloom With Ease

 Receiving an orchid as a gift is not only a sophisticated surprise for when a plant lover is celebrating; it’s also a long lasting gift. Orchids rebloom numerous times over their lifespan if the conditions are kept just right and while these glorious plants seem delicate and intricate, it only takes a few steps […]

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Orchids title card bloom

3 Quick Ways To Make Your Orchids Bloom Brilliantly

Orchids rather unfairly have a reputation of being rather finicky plants to take care of but that’s not necessarily the case. Whilst it is true that ensuring your orchids bloom (and re-bloom the following year) takes a few careful steps they are not nearly as complicated to look after as people think. Don’t be intimidated. […]

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Where is the best place for plants in your home?

It’s always nice to have plants at home. Isn’t it? Not only because they are a great decoration but also because they bring a natural feel and more life to your home. If you are someone who loves plants but always seems to have them die early then this blog is for you. Discover our […]

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How to care for an orchid

The orchid is most definitely considered one of the most beautiful flowers the world around. This intriguing flower is so unique in its look and colors that it is sure to catch your eye each time you see it. Its beauty fascinates all who lay eyes on it. Not only those who are passionate about […]

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