shutterstock 204422923 FloraQueen Desert Trees You Can Plant in Your Own Backyard

Desert Trees You Can Plant in Your Own Backyard

If you live in the desert, you know that there is a lot of sun, very little rain, and as long as you have access to a nice air-conditioned area, there is no reason not to live here. The big issue about living in the desert is how to add trees and other plants to […]

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shutterstock 1590861925 FloraQueen Types of Cactuses for Your Home or Garden

Types of Cactuses for Your Home or Garden

The cactus, family cactaceae, is a popular and unique plant. There are more than 1700 types of cacti, or cactuses, whatever you prefer to say. Many people use the terms cacti and succulents interchangeably, but that’s not exactly right. All cactuses are succulents, but not all succulents are cactuses. When it comes to cacti, they […]

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shutterstock 705879574 FloraQueen Types of Succulents

Types of Succulents

If you have been in a home furnishing store recently, you have likely come across a tabletop terrarium filled with succulents. Succulents are the current trend in home décor. While most of the products found in stores are made with fake plants, you can find some with live ones. It may feel overwhelming to take […]

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shutterstock 510847561 FloraQueen Money flower

Money flower

Crassula ovata, commonly known as the “money flower” or, is a succulent plant with evergreen leaves. The money flower belongs to the crassulaceae family and is originally native to Asia, Madagascar, and South Africa. This beautiful indoor plant offers stunning evergreen foliage, which adds a bit of décor to any trendy atmosphere. Resistant and undemanding, […]

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shutterstock 696032743 FloraQueen The Banana Blossom

The Banana Blossom

The banana plant, home to the banana blossom, is a popular fruit bearing plant that we all know and love. A mainstay in the Orient, the banana plant is one of nature’s most useful children, with every part of the plant, from stem to leaf, being used in a variety of ways, from cups to […]

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shutterstock 320348006 FloraQueen Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants

One of the newest trends in landscaping is the addition of a pond to your yard.  Water gardens add visual interest as well as the pleasing sound of moving water. When installing a water feature or pond, it is essential to make it look as natural as possible. You want it to look as though […]

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shutterstock 1435686773 FloraQueen Hibiscus for Health

Hibiscus for Health

The word hibiscus is thrown around by many people in reference to a single flower. There are more species of hibiscus than many persons realize. In fact, there are over 250 different species that the word can refer to. These species are all a part of the Malvaceae or mallow family, and the variation exists […]

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anti-anxiety plants title

6 Plants With Amazing Anti-Anxiety Effects

We all feel a bit wound up sometimes and in these ever stressful times, a little relief is sometimes necessary. Luckily we have only to look to nature for the solution. It seems in many cases the first steps to a more zen environment are a few simple houseplants as many of these green, stoic […]

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fall flowers trends title

5 Unmissable Fall Flowers and Plants For Autumn 2018

Albert Camus once said that «fall is a second spring where every leaf is a flower» and we certainly agree. Fall flowers and plants are very different from their spring counterparts but this beautiful season still has much to offer a bouquet or flower arrangement, not least thanks to the beautifully expressive colours of autumn. […]

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Poinsettia with Christmas lights

Poinsettia: The Christmas Flower

For some reason, Christmas isn’t always imagined as a time for flowers. Due to the December cold, many flowers don’t bloom outside and we tend to put more focus on winter foliage like pine, mistletoe and holly. However, there’s one big exception when it comes to Christmas flowers in the shape of the humble poinsettia. […]

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November Calendar

Plants that Flower in November

November is here already, bringing with it the usual colder air and darker nights. It may not be winter just yet but it’s nearly here. It’s not all doom and gloom however, as November is a far more colourful month than you may realise. Most people think that this late in the year isn’t a […]

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shutterstock 218458954 FloraQueen Aphrodisiac flowers and plants

Aphrodisiac flowers and plants

We all love flowers and plants for their natural beauty and their ability to put a smile on our face, even on the bleakest of days. What many of us may not be aware of are aphrodisiac flowers and the powers that they posess. Intrigued? Well, read on! aphrodisiac flowers and plants Ginseng  Read moreTulips- […]

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shutterstock 548138944 1 FloraQueen 7 medicinal plants that you can grow at home

7 medicinal plants that you can grow at home

For thousands of years civilisation has been using plants to try and cure their illnesses. Whilst some of these ideas could be dismissed as old wives tales, many of their medicinal techniques were very successful. Before modern medicine, medicinal plants were all they had to improve their health. Did you know that garlic isn’t just useful for […]

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nasturtium 661854 640 FloraQueen Nasturtium: Bright greenery and vibrant flowers

Nasturtium: Bright greenery and vibrant flowers

Tropaeolum, commonly known as nasturtium, is a genus of 85 species of herbaceous flowering plants. All these plants originate from Latin America, from southern Mexico to Patagonia. The nasturtium is a hardy herbaceous plant. Did you know that this plant attracted aphids? Read moreFlowers for Your Children – Plants that Will Grow With ThemNasturtiums attract […]

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FQ7203 FloraQueen Look Ahead to Spring – Plants and Flowers for the New Season

Look Ahead to Spring – Plants and Flowers for the New Season

Bright flowers are the surest sign of spring approaching, happy thoughts of sunny, warm days are the perfect antidote to grey skies. But just what are the perfect spring flowers to help you shake off the winter blues? Look ahead to the spring with these plants and flowers.

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FQ107 FloraQueen Flowers for Your Children - Plants that Will Grow With Them

Flowers for Your Children – Plants that Will Grow With Them

We can all cast our minds back to a flower or plant that we remember fondly from our childhood, whether it be the plant themselves or the scent from a powerful bouquet. The one thing we can help give a child is the happy memory of such a thing by showing them how they can […]

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