Dried flower candle

How to Make Beautiful DIY Dried Flower Candles

If you’re feeling crafty and want to send someone flowers in a slightly different way then a few DIY dried flower candles are a unique way to surprise. Flowers can be decorative in more than one way and in the case of a home made dried flower candle your special someone can enjoy an aromatic […]

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Man carrying giant bouquet of roses

The Meaning of Roses by Number – Part 2

Last time in our feature on the numerology of roses, we went as far as bouquets of 20 roses. Today we go beyond that looking at what the most extravagant and numerous arrangements of these flower favourites say to your lucky recipient. Starting with: 25 Roses If you send someone 25 roses then you are […]

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Red Rose Bouquets

The Meaning of Roses by number- Part 1

People adore saying “I love you” with roses. Of all the flowers they are the number one way for people to express their affections. What you may not have realised is that the numerology of roses plays an additional and perhaps equally significant role in the symbology of these classic flowers as the colour. We’re […]

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Roses and dollars

Why Do People Pay a Premium Price for Flowers?

While flowers are beautiful and a great way to wish someone a happy birthday or to demonstrate your love, they sometimes carry a rather hefty price-tag. Obviously flowers are a premium gift but considering they are quite simple and can be grown en-mass with ease many people wonder why flowers are as expensive as they […]

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September survival kit

What’s in our September survival kit?

Winter is coming. That’s a fact and now that August is over it’s coming sooner than many of us would like. September is often seen as a negative month with schools starting back, holidays and summer coming to a slow end but we’ve come up with a few ways to help you beat back the […]

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Attractive gift basket

Why gift baskets are the best last minute present

We’ve all been there before. We’ve left a birthday, or worse, an anniversary present to the 11th hour and have had to choose something in a panic, sometimes leading to some poorly thought out gifts. We all live busy lives and it doesn’t have to be that way even if you are in rush, so […]

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Jon Snow Flower

Game of Thrones: A flower for every character

The 7th season of Game of Thrones is underway and even we at FloraQueen couldn’t resist writing an article about it. Every flower has a specific role in the kingdom of flowers thanks to its unique appearance and characteristics, so we’re going to play a game. What flower would make the best flower to send […]

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