How Flower Deliveries Could Change In The Next Decade

Technology is moving faster and faster. Home deliveries have never been a more popular way to receive your purchases and, as a result, companies all over the world are creating new ways to make it quicker and more convenient. That’s why we’re going to look at how flower deliveries could change in the next decade, […]

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map of the world toy plane passport

The Best Flowers To Send Someone Starting A New Life Abroad

International flower deliveries from online florists offer more than just convenience. For those living far away from one another, they can be a vital tool for communication. More and more individuals are starting a new life abroad for either work or study. With those doing so, contact with friends and family at home carries a […]

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parts of flowers title card

How To Identify The Main Parts Of A Flower

Despite their use for decoration and beautifying a home, it’s sometimes easy to forget that fresh flowers are very much alive. Flowers are intricate working organisms, even after they’re cut and there’s a lot going on with these natural wonders we enjoy in our bouquets. We’re going to quickly break down and identify the main parts of a […]

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FloraQueen autumn collection title card

What’s In FloraQueen’s Autumn 2018 Collection?

When it comes to seasons fall is all spectacle. This time of year is the perfect moment to revel in the best show nature has to offer! While the leaves change and the cold weather arrives autumn flowers still flourish. Stunning blooms like amaryllis, anthurium, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums are all in-season and ready to add […]

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Take care of jasmine plant title

Super Simple Tricks To Make Indoor Jasmine Plants Flourish

Jasmine is a plant that combines a bit of everything. With grace, elegance and an amazing scent, there’s plenty to love about these flowering beauties. Most of the time Jasmine is happiest growing outside but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed as an indoor treat too. However, there are few tricks to remember when […]

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happy home with plants and flowers title card

How To Have The Happiest Home With Plants and Flowers

We often think of flowers when we want to make a celebration or special day happier. However, why stop there? Why not create the happiest home with plants and flowers to enjoy that feeling all year round? We’re going to show you today not only why the happiest homes stay that way with the help of […]

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White flowers in white vase with white shutters

What White Flowers Represent and When to Send Them

White flowers are among the most popular styles of arrangements you can find. They are popular for weddings, celebrating new babies and auspicious events like funerals and are a truly versatile coloured flower. Some of you may be wondering how and why white flowers have ended up with such a varied range of meanings, as […]

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Mother's day flowers title card

The Best Flowers You Should Choose For Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day almost upon us, it’s decision making time. Obviously, you want to surprise mom with the best gift on May 13th this year and when it comes to flowers on Mother’s Day, choosing carefully and getting your emotional message absolutely spot on always pays off.  To help, we’ve collected together the top picks […]

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Make tulips return title card

How to Make Sure Your Tulips Return Every Spring

Tulips are a spring garden favourite. They bring beautiful colour to a flowerbed and bring with them the positive optimism of springtime. However a question that tulip growers always want to know the answer to is whether their tulips will return year-on-year and add that magical touch to their garden again and again. We investigated […]

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