Tulip colour blog title card

The Expert Guide For Need-to-Know Tulip Colour Meanings

As the “harbingers of spring” as they are sometimes known, tulips add an extra special touch to this time of year with their optimistic colours and delicate form. Of course, there are many different tulip colour meanings to take into account if you want to surprise someone with the perfect floral message this spring. To […]

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2017 spelt in daisies

2017 in Flowers: A Flower For Each Month

So we’re finally at the end of a very long year. 2017 for some was the best year yet. However, for others it was a difficult year punctuated with tragedy. Here at FloraQueen we had a busy time delivering flowers all over the world to bring happy smiles to people and looking back we realised […]

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Background of pink flowers

What do Pink Flowers Mean And When to Send Them

For many people there’s nothing quite as glorious as a stunning bouquet of pink flowers whatever the occasion. However, in our continuing look into the world of floriology you’ll see that the symbology of pink flowers carries its own specific messages. When and why you send beautiful pink roses or lilies can make a big impact. Pink […]

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Mixed coloured rosebuds

The Colours of Roses and What they Mean

Roses are the number one commercially grown flower in the world, outselling all other cut flowers. Part of their appeal is that they can be grown in various or even mixes of different colours. So just how do you you choose the right colour rose to suit the right occasion. With our guide for the […]

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Pink Lily

The Complete Guide to Pink Lilies: From Growing to Gifting

This month our flower of choice is the pink lily. Pink lily flowers are very significant with many layers of meaning compared to even other colours of lilies. We explain all in our complete guide to pink lilies, with our tips on how to grow them and gift them. Significance It is quite often used as […]

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