What’s In FloraQueen’s Autumn 2018 Collection?

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When it comes to seasons fall is all spectacle. This time of year is the perfect moment to revel in the best show nature has to offer! While the leaves change and the cold weather arrives autumn flowers still flourish. Stunning blooms like amaryllis, anthurium, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums are all in-season and ready to add some fall color to flower arrangements.

In keeping with this, we’ve tried to capture a bit of that colour and magic in our Autumn 2018 collection of bouquets.

Let’s see what arrangements will be doing the dazzling in our fall collection this year?

Harvest: Lisianthus and Alstroemerias

harvest bouquet above

Harvest time is a time of natural bounty and that’s exactly what inspired our bouquet of the same name. With purple alstroemerias, hypericum berries, chrysanthemums and white lisianthus, it’s a joyful combination. We like to think it’s a reflection of all the goodness that comes from the earth at this time every year.

Pumpkin: Roses and Alstroemerias

pumpkin bouquet on shelf

Inspired by another joy of the season: the humble pumpkin. Our pumpkin bouquet (which is incidentally our bouquet of the month this November) combines the orange colours and round shape of its inspiration with rich green foliage.

Forest Walk: Gerberas and Carnations

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There’s nothing more beautiful during autumn and winter than enjoying a crisp forest walk. Our arrangement of rustic gerberas, carnations and bright red anthurium, brings that rich red, orange and yellow colour indoors for all to enjoy.

Autumnal Warmth: Amaryllis and Hydrangeas

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There are almost no better fall flowers to choose from than amaryllis and hydrangea. This deep red and orange bouquet captures all the seasonal warmth reflected in these emotive flowers.

Autumnal Splendour: Lilies and Roses

autumnal splendour bouquet and black cat

Autumn is a time of natural splendour and we wanted to reflect on that with our special lily and rose bouquet. Fall is the time when nature puts on a show and this arrangement is a fine reflection of that.

Colours of Autumn: Carnations and Alstroemerias

colours of autumn bouquet on table

Our Colours of Autumn bouquet brings with it all the red, yellows, oranges and greens of nature into one boho arrangement. This energetic combination, brought to life with a flourish of carnations, alstroemerias and goldenrod, is sure to impress.

Autumn is a time to celebrate natural beauty and colour, which we have worked hard to capture this year. We hope you love it too! Let us know in the comments which bouquet is your fave.

Celebrate the season with the beautiful bouquets from our Autumn collection. Deliver the magic of fall to over 100 countries with a FloraQueen international delivery whenever you want to fill a day with autumn smiles.

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