Shredded Purity

Boston Fern
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Suitable for children and pets, non-toxic and safe for pets. Avoid areas that are excessively dry, hot or in direct sunlight.


  • Light: It loves indirect light.

  • Regular watering: 2 times a week.

  • Humidity: Loves to be refreshed, spray its leaves every day.

  • Top tip: Although it is irresistible to stroke these leaves, it is best not to do so because it does not like it and they will turn brown in protest.


  • Regulates the humidity in the room.

  • Helps neutralise static electricity caused by electronic devices and textile fibres.

  • Purifies the environment by absorbing toxic substances in the air.

  • Reduces levels of formaldehyde and other chemical pollutants present in paint and varnish on furniture and cosmetic products.

Pot sold separately