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Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras, and this city was originally established by the Spanish in the year 1578. Tegucigalpa is also the largest city within Honduras and it is home to all of the most important institutions of higher education. Unfortunately, a massive amount of urban expansion has caused considerable infrastructure problems within the city and there are numerous plans underway to help ease traffic congestion. Furthermore, impending construction projects are intended to ease the cramped housing conditions that many residents have had to endure.

Although the major urban centres may be crowded, there are still a number of open-air parks and green spaces to be enjoyed. Those who visit Tegucigalpa can partake in spacious Central Park, the large Metropolitan Cathedral, the Presidential Palace and nearby colonial villages such as Santa Lucia. Currently, it is estimated that an impressive twenty per cent of the gross domestic product of Honduras is derived from Tegucigalpa. This primarily comes from a pronounced focus on banking and finance. Sugar, tobacco and textiles are also exported from the city.

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