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With a population of just under two hundred thousand residents, the city of Salalah is the capital of the Dhofar province in Oman. Salalah is also the second-largest city in the entire country. This urban centre was long the hub of the incense trade for the entire region, and it was not until the nineteenth century that its importance was eclipsed by the larger city of Muscat (and the capital of the entire country). While its influence was seen to diminish slightly in the following years, Salalah has once again emerged as an important cultural and economic centre.

Above all, the Port of Salalah is the largest port in the entire Arabian Peninsula. Thus, much of the trade between the east and the west still flows through this region. With the influx of foreign investment and the wealth that the oil industry has created, Salalah is now a commercial powerhouse and one of the locations that has seen a pronounced expansion of heavy industry. With such a robust economy, the income of this city is expected to increase.

Due to the number of foreigners living here, flower delivery to Salalah is an important business. Such a gift is a great way to remind a colleague or loved one that they are not forgotten.

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