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A good florist pours all their creativity, experience and skill into every bouquet they make. They understand the importance of the message their flowers send and are aware of the joy they bring with their work.

This is exactly why we want to work with you.

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There are no fixed costs associated with working with us! We won’t charge you an initial fee or annual fees.

There is no exclusivity requirement to work with us. You decide at all times. What’s more, thanks to our national and international networks, you will have a 15% discount on all the orders you place with us.

We guarantee reliable payment. You will receive the money the same day every month through your preferred payment method. This way, you will have the peace of mind of knowing when the money will arrive, so that you can arrange your finances accordingly.


Personalised assistance available in several languages.


No fixed costs or software fees.


Make the most of our exclusive platform for florists, where you can acquire our best products.

I want to work with FloraQueen. What should I do now?

Simply fill in the contact form with information about your business to register automatically. You will receive all your florist account information via email.

When you receive an order, you have 2 hours to accept or reject it. This way, you have time to decide whether or not you want to take it on.

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