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Promise to make the best bouquets for our clients and get orders in your area


Promise to make the best bouquets for our clients and get orders in your area.

Make bouquets for FloraQueen

We believe in the skills of our local florists

A good florist uses their creativity, experience and skill in every order produced, it goes without saying that the florist understands the importance of the message that the flowers are transmitting to the receiver, and the pleasure that their work brings.

FloraQueen wants to work with local florists like you, helping you to expand and making the clients want to repeat their experience, which results in extra income for yourself. Help your company grow!

Why collaborate with FloraQueen

  • 100% free: join our florist network at 0 cost! If we send you orders, you’ll see your business grow, if not, it costs you nothing.
  • No annual fee: no more big disbursements once per year.
  • No exclusivity requirement from your end.
  • Take advantage of our wide national and international network and get a 15% discount on all your orders.
  • Monthly on-time payments: receive a monthly payments via bank transfer or paypal the 15th of each month.

How we work

  • FloraQueen will create for you a florist account in our system from which you will be able to manage incoming and outgoing orders.
  • Start working with us. You’ll receive an email every time an order is assigned to you, with all the delivery details, content of the bouquet and price.
  • In the case you want to accept the order, it is very important that you confirm it within 2 hours after receiving our request.