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Sometimes we are caught out by a birthday or a special occasion and we are not prepared. With these gift baskets by FloraQueen, this will no longer be a problem. We offer home delivery on a great variety of options.

Gift baskets with home delivery

The birthday of a loved one, a new born baby, or a different special occasion marked on the calendar; any of these are good moments to buy a gift that converts that day into something very special. After all, there's no better time to make a memory than on a special occasion.

Sometimes, even though we know that person well, we have doubts when we are choosing a gift. What if we told you that at FloraQueen we have a wide range of gift baskets in our catalog? In these baskets you will find a carefully chosen selection of diverse products. Chocolate, bath products, alcohol, jewelry, baby products, special baskets for Christmas, etc. are all available.

For a special occasion these types of baskets are an ideal gift. Forget about wrapping more parcels because they are perfectly presented. At FloraQueen we do home delivery on all our gift baskets. Quantity and comfort, all in one.

Sending gift baskets

A gift basket is a perfect gift, whatever the occasion or commitment. You cannot fail with this special gift. You will be a hit!

Giving is always a generous gesture and that says a lot about us. For this reason, at FloraQueen we are very aware of the quality of our products and our gift baskets are of the same high quality

Let yourself be seduced with our chocolate gift baskets, or dazzled by one of our jewelry sets. If you can be left starstruck by these gift baskets, imagine how the lucky recipient will feel when they open their door to a surprise!

And what if after reading this, we were to tell you that you don’t need to worry about anything else? Once you have chosen the basket that you believe will succeed as a gift we will organize the delivery and you need not worry. Your basket will be delivered directly to your home or theirs.

Spoil them just because

We all love to spoil our loved ones just because, and we don’t always need a special date or holiday to tell them we love them. Want to let someone close to you know that you are thinking about them? Our carefully assembled gift baskets are a perfect way to do just that.

Perhaps you want to make a small simple gesture with a box of chocolates and a teddy bear. Or you might want to make even more of a gesture with a basket of chocolates and a bottle of something bubbly. Whatever sentiment you wish to express we have a gift basket to go along with it.

We all love to see the joyful reaction of the recipient when they receive a thoughtful unexpected gift. Our variety of gift baskets is the perfect way to easily spoil those in your life.

A gift for any occasion

We all try our best to be prepared for all occasions, celebrations and holidays. We have holidays marked on our calendars, anniversaries and birthdays as well. Every once in a while however there’s that one event that we forgot about. A work anniversary, a distant relative’s birthday, or that party you said you’d attend but then completely forgot about. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all felt the pressure of rushing around at the last minute to get the perfect gift together.

With FloraQueen’s gift baskets the stress and hassle is taken out of the entire process for you. Browse through our catalog to find the perfect gift basket for the occasion, then you can easily have it shipped throughout Europe, ensuring that the special occasion will not be forgotten. It’s that easy. Our gift baskets are all assembled with carefully selected high quality products, the recipient will be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift.