Why this gift is special

Did you know that even top athletes set aside a few days to skip their diet and treat themselves? Enjoy the pleasure of rewarding the body after the daily rush with an exclusive gourmet set. Invite someone special to taste the delicate Rosé Cava alongside a selection of mini pralines, or help them choose from the wide variety of sweet snacks that are impossible to resist.


  • Mini Rosé Cava (20 cl)

  • Selection of mini Swiss Chocolate Pralines (44 g)

  • Chocolate Twigs (125 g)

  • Box of Small Butter Palmiers (100 g)

  • Selection of assorted Macarons (36 g)

  • Colombian Coffee (250 g)

  • Chocolate Spread (250 g)

  • Strawberry and Champagne Gourmet Jam (130 g)

  • Lemon and Almond Cookies (130 g)

  • Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate (150 g)

Indulgent Craving

Rosé Cava and Selection of Pralines
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