Why this gift is special

For chocolate lovers, this gourmet hamper is nothing short of heavenly. It’s choc-full of different varieties to thrill the taste buds, perfect for taking someone on a journey to find their favourite flavour. It’s a bundle of happiness in a box, a gift suitable for every occasion – guaranteed to put a smile on your recipient’s face.


  • Box of Lindt Nuxor dark chocolates with whole roasted hazelnuts, 165g. 

  • Box of Lindt Nuxor milk chocolates with whole roasted hazelnuts, 165g.

  • Box of Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffles, 150g. 

  • Box of Cudié Catànies (chocolate bonbons with almonds), 80g. 

  • Mini box of Lindt Pralines chocolates, 44g.

  • Box of chocolate orange twigs, 125g.

  • Box of dark chocolate twigs, 125g.

  • Carré Suisse salted caramel chocolate bar. 

  • Carré Suisse dark chocolate bar with blueberries and ginger.

Choc Happy

Assorted Chocolates and Truffles
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