Mother's day plants

Tell your mum how much you love her with a gorgeous gift. Check out our selection of Mother’s Day plants and make her day extra special.\n

Give the gift of a plant for Mother’s Day 2015

Since you were a little kid, you’ve always been fascinated by the affection your mum puts into taking care of her plants: watering them, removing dead leaves, finding the best spot for them and even talking to them! Don’t you love seeing how she cares for them and the smile that lights up her face while she’s doing so? So why don’t you make your mum even happier?

In this catalogue you’ll find the best Mother’s Day plants, of all shapes, colours and sizes: anthuriums, rose bushes, bromeliads, or even an olive tree! Which will you choose to make your mum’s house even more homely? Whatever your choice, at FloraQueen we know what the outcome will be: your mum will be thrilled to receive such a special gift on her day and will thank you as she knows best, with a huge kiss.

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