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Germany has been at the heart of Europe for centuries and, in that time, it has produced some of the continent’s greatest writers, philosophers and musicians. But the country doesn’t live on its past glories. It’s a thoroughly modern nation, right at the centre of things. And nowhere is that more evident than in its ever-busy capital city, Berlin. One of the most avant-garde cities in the world, its cosmopolitan neighbourhoods bustle with life and colour, flavours and smells from all over. And, if one adds magnificent museums to the mix, it becomes a place that has to be visited. If you’ve got family or friends here, you’ll know how important it is to celebrate those special days with them. FloraQueen’s gift catalogue is crammed with ideas for the next time you want to send gifts to Germany. From bouquets to gift baskets, we’ve got the lot. FloraQueen, for all your gifts to Germany.

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From its winding rivers and deep gorges to its high peaks and endless forests, from its castles to its cities and towns, Germany is an endlessly fascinating country. As well as the vibrant capital city of Berlin, it has other cities that are well worth a visit, such as Munich and Hamburg. Autumn is celebrated in style at Munich’s Oktoberfest, and Hamburg has all the raffish charm of a port city. With friends or family living here, you know how important it is to keep in touch and celebrate those special days with them. That’s why we make it so easy to send gift baskets to Germany, a whole range of great ideas for any occasion. Germany makes an extra effort for Christmas, squares turning into brightly-lit markets, and so do we, our catalogue crammed with ideas for you to send holiday gifts to Germany.

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