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Widely recognised across Europe for being yet another budget party destination for weekend travellers, Latvia also has a number of striking green forests, beautiful sandy beaches, historic castles from the Middle Ages, and much much more.
Culturally speaking, Latvia is, like its neighbouring states, very multicultural. The Latvians are particularly proud of their language, and its proper use is central to many of their celebrations and festivals throughout the year. Don´t panic though. If you are visiting, like in all the Baltic countries, English is widely spoken and the people are generally warm and friendly. For those people you know here, as those special times of year pop up again, make sure to get your gifts to Latvia on their way in time for that special day. Send gifts to Latvia now from our signature range. You are sure to find something they´ll love!

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Ever heard the phrase “good things come in small packages”? Latvia may be small, but by no means is it dull. This little-known country is culturally-rich and quirky. Latvia is home to a number of stunning natural phenomena, including the world´s widest natural waterfall, measuring at over 350ft wide! It is also the land of a number of rare species of animals, including the elusive black stork, which, if you are visiting, you might just be lucky enough to spot! To assure your loved ones you are thinking of them during those special times, send gift baskets to Latvia now from our collection. Just visiting? With all that Latvia has to offer, your holiday days are likely to be jam-packed. So why not get your shopping out the way and buy your holiday gifts in Latvia online?