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This incredibly small Baltic country is at once tiny as it is unique. The spoken language, Lithuanian, is largely regarded as one of the oldest in the history of the world, thus making it an invaluable source for linguistic study, and also incredibly difficult. Thankfully, if you are visiting, most people speak English and are pretty friendly. The Lithuanian culture is an extremely rich and multicultural one. Though, at Easter, don´t expect the Easter bunny to bring you your eggs, but the Easter granny! Before you judge the extent of the weirdness of this tradition, just remember which one is in fact closest to reality. For all those other traditional special occasions, choose from our extensive range of gift ideas and send gift baskets to Lithuania mark those significant moments. So next time you need to send gifts to Lithuania, you won´t need to look any further!

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When we think of Lithuania, we often think of a somewhat elusive and mysterious little country, located somewhere in central Europe. Culturally, it is home to a number of very interesting traditions. On the “Rasos & Joninas day” during the height of summer, it is customary in the evening for couples to take romantic walks searching for the “fern blossoms” (in fact, ferns don´t blossom). But nevertheless, a sweet pastime during which special moments between loved ones are created, shared, and remembered. On those very special occasions that crop up throughout the year, surprise your loved ones and send gift baskets to Lithuania for them to celebrate. Or, if you are visiting and looking for holiday gifts in Lithuania, order now from our range and send them a token reminder of how much they mean to you.