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Aside from being home to some of the most iconic brews in the world, such as Heineken, Grolsch and Amstel, the Netherlands is famous for attracting thousands of tourists per year to its most iconic cities: Rotterdam, Leiden…and of course, Amsterdam. The Netherlands´ largest city, it has long been recognized a place of great tolerance, and received over 20 million tourist visits per year, almost twenty times its number of inhabitants! And with a wealth of attractions, including their famous “coffeeshops”, not to be confused with cafés, it´s no surprise that this place remains a popular tourist destination year in year out. For those lucky devils living in this magnificent country, send gift baskets to Netherlands to remind them that they are in your thoughts on that special occasion. So when you next want to send gifts to Netherlands, choose from our extensive range and you will be sure to put a smile on their face!

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When you are looking for Holiday gifts in Netherlands to surprise those loved ones unlucky enough to have been left at home, choose from our large collection of gift ideas to be delivered to their door. Clogs and windmills…these are some of the more stereotypical images associated with the Netherlands. In truth, the Netherlands does in fact have approximately 100 working traditional windmills, however, the country has long since become a great deal more modernized. Culturally, the Dutch can hardly be faulted. As well as speaking at least one foreign language beside their native Dutch, they are an open-minded, honest people, which, in part, is one of the reasons year after year waves of tourist flock to the country´s cities. If you happen to know someone here, what better way to stay in touch than by sending them a little token gift. Send gift baskets to Netherlands now to surprise that special someone, whatever the occasion!