Fortune Wisp: Jade Tree
Fortune Wisp: Jade Tree
Fortune Wisp: Jade Tree
Fortune Wisp: Jade Tree
  1. Fortune Wisp: Jade Tree
  2. Fortune Wisp: Jade Tree
  3. Fortune Wisp: Jade Tree
  4. Fortune Wisp: Jade Tree

Fortune Wisp: Jade Tree

Why this plant is special

Jade or "Crassula Ovata" is one of the most popular indoor plants since being a variety of succulents does not need much care and is beautiful.



  • Locate the plant in a place with lots of indirect light and no drafts.

  • This plant can be placed in any corner, but trying to keep it away from your pets, because the injecta of some leaf can cause them a bad stomach.


  • Light: this plant survives in any environment, although some hours of daylight will make it very happy.
  • Watering: Moderate. This plant tolerates dryness better than excess water, since excess water can rot its roots. Water only when you notice the dry substrate.
  • Humidity: this plant does not tolerate moisture. You should not spray your leaves but you will appreciate the environmental humidity that will provide you with being with other plants around.
  • Fertilizer: It is recommended to use liquid fertilizer with irrigation every two days in the spring and summer seasons especially.

What you should avoild

  • Avoid placing it directly under sunlight, its leaves could burn. Placing it near a window with lots of indirect light is the key to your happiness and maintenance.
  • This plant does not like to be exposed to drafts. He also doesn't like temperatures below 10 degrees.
  • Avoid over watering and place it in very humid environments. Better tolerate dry environments.


  • It is said that having a Jade at home attracts health and good luck. And according to Feng-Shui, it also attracts prosperity and abundance.


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