Chamaedorea elegans. Commonly known as Parlour Palm and Good Luck Palm.

A perfect decorative plant for beginners.

This plant is native to Mexico and Guatemala. It is one of the most popular palm varieties, and it is also very easy to care for.

  • Pot size: 18cm - 22cm


  • In can grow up to two meters high, which makes it the ideal option to give a tropical touch to the interior spaces.
  • Chamaedorea is not toxic and is safe for kids and pets.


  • Light: it is important to always place it in a shaded area since the direct sun burns it.
  • Watering: should be done twice a week in summer, and 2 times a month during winter.
  •  Humidity: spray your leaves once a week. This plant prefers humid environments but has no problem adapting to drier ones.
  • Substrate: make sure the soil in the pot facilitates drainage. We recommend you fertilize periodically to improve your growth.
  • Transplant: should transplant in a  larger pot each year.
  • Fertilizer: if the plant is in an enclosed space, it should be fed twice a month during the summer. Take care of the amount of fertilizing, since the excess burn the ends of the leaves.
  • Pests: mealybugs and the red spider are the main threats to this species. The red spider appears due to excess heat. It can be removed with a systemic insecticide, or by changing the location and temperature conditions to decrease the heat level. In the case of mealybugs, they can be eradicated using a cloth dampened in methyl alcohol, or by spraying a pesticide.

What you should avoid

  • Avoid direct sun, which can burn its leaves.
  • This plant hates excess water, as it damages its roots.


  • According to a NASA report, this plant purifies the air and eliminates toxins to give you a cooler and cleaner environment.
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