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A juicy wine from Argentina, deliciously smooth with a long lasting finish. Unique with a custom made wooden case.More information about this wine:Name: Salentein Pinot NoirCountry of origin: ArgentinaType of wine: Red wineGrape: 100% Pinot NoirYear: 2009Characteristics: A juicy wine, deliciously smooth with a long lasting finish. TasteA real Salentein and a real Pinot Noir in one, characteristically bright red in colour and what you might call ‘a rich wine’. In the taste you can distinguish the aromas of red fruit, herbs, vanilla and the wood tones of the oak wood barrels. A smooth and juicy wine, with a full taste and a long lasting finish. The grapes are harvested by hand and processed with the use of modern insights and the latest technology. A flavoursome suggestionThis Pinot Noir grape taste great with poultry and rich cheeses. About this wineBodegas Salentein has a special history. It was founded in 1992 by the Dutch entrepreneur Mijndert Pon (who became rich and famous dealing in Volkswagen automobiles). He decided to set up a vineyard high-up on one of the outer mountain ranges of the Andes. The bodega itself, designed by the famous architect Mario Day Arenas, is special as well. It is constructed in the shape of a cross, were the wooden wine barrels are stored 8 metres under the ground, in order that the wine can ripen under the most ideal circumstances. The vineyards are situated in the heart of the Alto Valle de Uco, at a height of more than 1200 metres. De soil is rocky and this keeps the land well drained. The nights are cool due to the mountain air descending from the Andes, the days are sunny and warm. Height, cool nights and warm sunny days give this wine a strong character. The entrepreneurship of the Pon family does the rest. A unique wine bodega with a world-wide success. Now to be ordered exclusively at YourSurprise.
Salentein Pinot Noir

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