Pack lots of extra baggage for your trip with this super light weight Princess photo suitcase. Unique with your photo and combination lock!

More information about the photo suitcase:Brand: Princess Traveller Measurements: 51x35x20cm Weight (when empty): 2,6 kg Content: 36 liter Material front: 100% polycarbonate Material back: ABS Material print: 0,4 mm polypropFeatures ink: UV resistent and environmentally friendlyWheels: 4 castors Extra: CabinsizeUsermanual lock The lock is pre set to 0-0-0. Push the button on the side and keep it in this position, turn the weels and set your selection of 3 numbers. Release the button and your number is set. Take care when setting the numbers you don't release the button.  

Princess Traveller photo suitcase

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