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San Pedro Sula is a city in Honduras with a population of almost one million inhabitants. Located in a valley known as "The Valley of the Birds", the city is the second-largest urban area after the country’s capital. It was founded in the year 1536 as a small mining town that specialised in smelting gold (on account of the nearby mines). In more recent times, manufacturing and the sale of banana crops has proved to be a viable source of income.

Unfortunately, 1998 saw Hurricane Mitch strike mainland Honduras. The country’s economy was crippled and, fifteen years later, banana farming has not yet fully recovered. Furthermore, the manufacturing sector has been slow to improve. This has placed great strain on San Pedro Sula’s infrastructure. Fortunately, this location is also seen as a developing hub for business-related tourism. It is hoped that an increasing amount of foreign investment will bolster the city’s fragile economy.

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  • Чистая любовь: лилии и розы
  • Яркие чувства: розовые и желтые розы
  • Хрупкая Cвежесть: Розы и Лилии

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