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Send flowers to Jamaica

Jamaica is a large island in the Caribbean to the south of Cuba. It had a thriving culture at the time of Columbus' arrival in 1494 and was then both a Spanish and a British colony until gaining independence in 1962.

The capital, Kingston, still shows many signs of its colonial past, but the country's main attractions lie outside the big towns and cities.

Montego Bay is everything one dreams of when thinking of the perfect beaches with its brilliant white sand and transparent waters, which are a paradise for divers. It is, as one would expect from the land that gave the world reggae rhythms, particularly lively at night, when the beach-front restaurants are packed with diners eating the freshest possible sea-food.

The more adventurous might want to head up to the mountains and hike along the Blue Mountain Path. This is proof that not all the toughest hikes are up the highest mountains, but local guides keep the pace from flagging and the views are truly spectacular.

Whether it's a quiet time on the beach or a mountain hike, Jamaica really does offer the visitor so much. And if you make friends here, something that is very easy to do, it's never been easier to send flowers to Jamaica, it's a great way to say 'thank you'.

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