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Send flowers to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean, is a fascinating mixture of cultures. Originally settled thousands of years ago, it later became a Spanish colony, something that can easily be seen in any of its towns and cities.

The capital, San Juan, is where most visits start. It is a wonderful colonial city, with narrow streets and large mansions, many of which have colourful gardens full of flowers. The beach areas are popular with tourists and locals alike, dining in any of the many beach-front restaurants.

Towns like Luquillo and Fajardo lead one to the coast, the perfect place for swimming and snorkelling in the crystal-clear water. The country is blessed with hundreds of such beaches, the white sand seemingly stretching into the sky.

But Costa Rica has a fascinating interior, too. The Ruta Panorámica heads up into the mountains, small villages dotting the road, many of which offer road-side meals for the hungry traveller. One of the area's largest towns is Aibonito, famous for its annual flower festival in summer.

From past to present, city to village and beach to mountain, Costa Rica is full of surprises. If you want to send flowers to Costa Rica, they will be fresh and beautiful!

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