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Доставка цветов в Самаре

Samara is the sixth-largest city in the Russian Federation and its location on a bend in the Volga River has made it an important trading centre for hundreds of years.

While perhaps not the most evident tourist destination, it does offer the visitor a number of fascinating sights. Perhaps the most popular place with the locals is the beach that stretches along the banks of the Volga, packed in summer, it makes a great place for a swim or a game of beach volleyball, and a slow wander along its esplanade is another very popular option, with stalls selling local handicrafts and food. Good beer is provided by the local Zhigulevsky Brewery, also on the riverfront.

The best views of the city are to be had from Ploshchad Slavy, the city's impressive war memorial, a reminder of the area's turbulent past.

Other sights well worth a visit are the recently-constructed Cathedral of Saint George, itself a good example of how everyday life here has changed over the past few decades, and the very pretty Iversky Women's Monastery, which dates from the 19th century.

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  • Мороженое: хризантемы и розы
  • Искренняя улыбка: герберы и розовые розы
  • Яркие чувства: розовые и желтые розы
  • Чистая любовь: лилии и розы
  • Бесконечная Любовь: 12 Красных Роз

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