'Superior Palate' Basket with Chocolates and Champagne

"Superior Palate" Basket with Chocolates and Champagne

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Unique quality in chocolate and champagne

Just think of your special person opening this gift. Think of all the emotion, gratitude and a bursting desire to get stuck in that flood through their mind when they receive this wonderful surprise on their special day. Let’s unwrap it and see what treasures are hidden within.

Gifts details:

  • 1 box of Truffes Signature Godiva: 9 truffes

  • 1 box of 85% cocoa Carrés. 100gr

  • 1 box of Milk Carrés. 100gr.

  • 1 box of White Carrés. 100 gr.

  • 1 bottle of Moët Chandon champagne. 750ml


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