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'Full Love' Basket

"Full Love" Basket

Chocolate basket full of hugs and kisses

On special occasions, when we want to break some good news or tell that special person how we feel about them, it’s best to make the message clear. There are no half-measures in love and chocolate. With this in mind, we’ve created the “Full Love” basket, with its intense and deep chocolate taste.

Product details:

  • The first box contains 160g of classic round Lindt chocolates, placed in a heart-shaped box.

  • The next selection is the Lindor Milk box, milk chocolate for those more relaxing, gentler times.

  • Then there’s the Lindor Black, with its high cocoa purity, giving shape to the intensity and depth of your love.

  • And creativity can be found inside the Lindor Stracciatella box, made up of chocolates with the flakes of chocolate that are so typical to Italian Straciatella.

  • If the two teddy bears who preside over this magnificent basket could eat, there would be nothing left when it arrives at your house!


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