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Love and chocolate basket with chocolates and a teddy bear

Love and chocolate basket with chocolates and a teddy bear

A pleasure for the taste, touch…the soul

Raise your hand if you don’t just love chocolate. Well, if you’re looking at this basket, then it’s because the person you’re thinking of surprising by mail obviously has a soft spot for chocolate. And not just any chocolate, but the delicious flavour and savoir-faire of the master chocalatiers Lindt and Godiva.

Product details:

  • The first box contains 160g of chocolates in a red, beating heart-shaped box.

  • The second is an elegant rectangular box with wonderful Carrés made and chosen by the masters at Godiva. But, because they are a real treat, anyone who wants to savour them will have to get permission from their owner if they want to avoid problems.

  • And the good-natured teddy bear (28cm), witness to and representative of tenderness and affection will be hugged and squeezed to its heart’s content, almost as often as you will be!


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