Rose and chocolate

Rose and chocolate

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Chocolate, roses and love walk hand in hand

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your soulmate with the most romantic gift of all. An exclusive collection of delicious Godiva chocolates to delight her sweet palate and an eternal rose that will keep your love message up for months. You’ll both be able to enjoy the beauty of this preserved red rose for a long time and without needing to worry about its care. It doesn’t need water or sunlight!

Gift details:

  • Preserved rose that lasts for over 6 months without losing its beauty. Our eternal rose has grown in a field like any other. Then, it has been cut at its peak and preserved thanks to a 100% natural process so that it stays preserved for months and even years. Also, it barely needs looking after, it stays in perfect condition without sunlight or water.

  • Pack of Godiva chocolates. It includes:

  • A rectangular box with 24 Godiva carrés, delicious square-shaped chocolates presented in three rows that match the three textures, fillings and purity of the different chocolates.

  • Godiva Truffles Signature box with 9 truffles.

  • Godiva Coeur Iconique heart-shaped box with 6 chocolates.

  • Transparent cylinder vase included.


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